Babies have been observed sucking on lemons, pulling faces at the sharpness, then going back to suck the lemons more. Challenges can be quite exciting. Find Your Lemon creates thinking spaces for people to look afresh at their own space, to consider and reflect on the sharp bits of their lives, to use those challenges to move forward. Mentoring strategies include visual mapping as well as talking, collaboration and unlikely partnerships, peer mentoring.

Sally Lemsford’s mentoring experience:

·      Flaming Skirt Festival: cpd and mentoring artists

·      1:1 artists: mentoring face to face/skype/phone

·      Pedestrian: business mentoring

·      Yorkshire Artspace: starter scheme for socially engaged artists

·      Co-mentoring x 3

·      Derby City Council: optimising learning environments


‘Sally challenges me, prompts me to think of ideas I didn't know I had, she gives me courage to try things and explore what I am passionate about. She mentors in a way that questions my intentions, the whys, the whats and hows and equally accepts what I say without judgement. She is supportive and committed to her mentor (role) – sending job opportunities or bits of inspiration when she sees them and sharing her skills (from) her years of experience as (an) artist. Sally has been my mentor for over 4 years and each session I feel I learn more about my practice and what defines me as an artist, her continual support and confidence in me has most definitely helped me carry on practicing, when I have felt like giving up, and daring me to more with my art.’

(Charlie Hill 2015)



Back to the Drawing Board              2017: co-mentoring, artistic practice

Ofton Festival                                    2016: young trainee festival producers

Flaming Skirt Festival                       2015: cpd for socially engaged artists

Inspiring Enterprise                           2014 Pedestrian: 1:1 business mentoring

1:1 mentoring                                      2013-present: face to face, by skype/email for individual artists

Starter Studio Programme                2012-13 Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield: socially engaged practice

On Reflection                                     2012 Pedestrian Window Curators, Leicester: reflection skills

WHart Young Curators                      2009-11 Wirksworth: facilitating high profile commissioning and curation

Beyond Words                                   2009-10 East Midlands: exploration of creative evidencing for Arts Award

stepUp                                                2007-09 Creative Partnerships Derby, cpd. for BAME practitioners

Advisory teacher                                1996-2007 Derby City Council: improving learning environments.