Flaming Skirt Festival   NW Leicestershire and Amber Valley Derbyshire.  It’s art on the move, transported by double-decker bus; a day of travelling around to different small towns and villages. Through collaboration and competition, people of all ages actively engaged in the construction of contemporary artwork. This pop-up community of individuals and extended families experienced inspiring adventures: performance refreshments, games, constructions, creative walking, memorable activities on board the bus.   http://www.flamingskirtfestival.org   photo: Sally Lemsford
      Running Commentary   Wild Projects, Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts  Scribing a marathon, 16.05 - 16.13pm. 26.2 pages, 8 minutes per page, de-scribing the ‘runners’ activities.  photo: Sally Lemsford
  Point of View   Derbyshire  Framing a space for comment  photo: Sally Lemsford
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