image using photos by Sally Lemsford & Chris A. Wright



Reminiscent of the 80s rave communications to meet somewhere at a specific time, this is the chance to be in a place with other people (or connecting remotely) to reflect on the notion of TEMPORARY:

What is the effect of temporary on arts practice?

What would be the effect of a residency if, by the time the artist took up the offer, the site was no longer available?

What is the role of the arts in interrogating the TEMPORARY in a society that changes its political, social and environmental position sometimes in a matter of weeks, and at other times reverts to the past from fear of unexpected opportunities?


Maisie's is a 2 storey building with a variety of spaces – several rooms of different sizes, one with a screen, 2 kitchens, toilets, a locked lift, a balcony rented via AXISWEB's Vacant Spaces scheme on 28 day notice.

Artists: Sally Lemsford, Chris A. Wright, Lindsey Warnes Carroll, Tony Fisher, Ian Pringle 

photo by Sally Lemsford; artwork by Tony Fisher









AA2A artist in residence at Chesterfield College 2013

Conversations with over 100 students and staff, reflecting on their work processes and aspirations. This critical dialogue about their own arts practice revealed some surprises and pointed out interesting contradictions. It led to a handbooklet of advice on how to survive significant issues; an instruction manual for all creative people.

That is The Point










Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester 2012

a Me-scape devised from tweets, bodies and local charity shop clothes.