It's been nearly a year since I wrote here. Many temporary days in different places, unable to gather my thoughts into any meaningful sense. My focus was on staying in a box, albeit an ok box but it moved several times, expanding and contracting as studio spaces changed, changing colour as living spaces altered.

Now I am in a different temporary space where walls are being knocked down, pipes and wires are being installed and connected. Now I am able to focus on something outside my immediateness. It could have been an inspiration, but it wasn't. It was a hard transition. I read that in prison, an important rule for survival is having a cleaning routine to keep a sense of self. Mine was a self imposed incarceration but I understand that. Little rituals assume enormous importances.

At last I am beginning to engage with the adventure this is meant to be. I am contemplating what it is that motivates people to embark, to engage, to connect. It has been suggested that in socially engaged practice it is the excitement and energy rather than the quality of an object that needs to be judged. That said, why do people participate? curiosity? intrigue? prizes? fun? Maybe a Magical Mystery Tour.