Artist on the move

picking up my case and running with it... looking for new adventures, new opportunities.

15 years ago I started a journey that has visited many places. I’m on the move again, reinvigorated by a particularly brilliant encounter yesterday with DODGE the SHREDDER in Spalding. My case contains new language, new perspectives and new practicalities. I’m not entirely sure yet of these new significances, just that they are that. Sometimes it’s good to get that push out of one reality into another. It doesn’t matter that I don’t know how. I’m just in the when at the moment.

Temporary has always been at the core of my practice. I was intrigued to hear Sophie Kromholtz talking about Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – Experiencing the temporary artwork without the physical work at the symposium The Alternative Document in Lincoln recently,( I’ve been experimenting with different documentary forms that together add up to a more complete entity. And the symposium has added to my repertoire.